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Betty Hook
41 Old Trail Rd
Liverpool, PA 17045
United States

Robin Nere
Keeper of the Qualifieds

Gayle Goodling
Judge's Co-ordinator

Janice Williford
All Around Helper

Malinda Welte
Awards Graphic Designer

Denise Fritschmann
Top Ten Pointkeeper

Need to contact one of us at TOPSA? 

Below is a list of the Volunteers who work with TOPSA 
and a partial list of their duties.
Without these hard workers, TOPSA, would not be possible.

Thank you.

Andrea Robbins. Andrea has complete charge of our Webshots Websites.
She also works very hard on our Breed Assignment and Color Assignment Lists,
as well as the Rules and all the other forms on TOPSA.

Janice Williford. Janice is helps with everything at TOPSA.
Janice is always there to do anyting asked of her.
And she goes out of her way to help all of our entrants.

Robin Nere. Robin is our Keeper of The Qualifieds for TOPSA. Without her,
there would be no Championship Show.But, she is another who
is always willing to help where ever she is needed.

Malinda Welte. Malinda is our Graphic Artist. She is the person
responsible for creating our beautiful Rosettes for the Championship Show,
as well as the gorgeous Loving Cups for our Top Ten Winners.

Denise Fritschmann. Denise is our PointKeeper. A huge job with
all the divisions in TOPSA. Her work is vital for the Top Ten.

Gayle Goodling. Gayle is our Judges Co-ordinator. She is responsible
for finding judges for our shows, and for keeping in touch with them
and sending all information to them.