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Totally Online Photo Show Association        
    RULES  2008


1.   Each photo submitted must include an Equine model horse subject, such
as horse, pony, long-ear, exotic, or fantasy.   Models may be haired or
flocked, but no stuffed horses will be allowed. 

2.   Photos must be in .jpg format and no larger than 400 pixels in width 
and/or height, scanned at 300 dpi or less with a file size of 90k or less.    
***For performance only (EXPECT Head Study) --maximum size will be
650 pixels by 400 pixels scanned at 300 dpi or less with a file size of 150k
or less.

HALTER (BREED and COLOR)   maximum 400 x 400
HEAD STUDIES    maximum  400 x 400
PERFORMANCE (except Head studies)    maximum  650 x 400

This will be strictly enforced.  Entrants in TOPSA shows who upload
oversized images will receive a warning, and the judge will disqualify
oversized images that have not been corrected.
Re-sizing entries will be the responsibility of the entrant.  

To establish a fair and equal size for all entries. 
So that the judge will be able to compare images of similar size. 
And to allow entrants to size their images so that they are correctly sized 
for entry into other shows, such as IMEHA.

3.   Photos that have been copyrighted, signed or named somewhere on the
photo will be allowed as long as the writing or copyright mark does not
cover the horse in any manner. 

4.   Framed or oval-shaped photos will NOT BE allowed. 

5.   Digitally enhanced backgrounds, touchup of horse or background is not
allowed. Adding or removing anything from the original photo is not
allowed. The only editing allowed for images is resizing, adjusting the
brightness or gamma and cropping. 

6.   Flipping of photos (mirror images) is allowed for the purpose of
showmanship & halter and getting the handler on the correct side of the
horse or for performance in which a horse is on the wrong lead or a counter


1.   You may show an unlimited number of photos in the TOPSA Online
Show Series.  The yearly fee will be a $5.00 to help towards annual costs for
owning Webshots Premium accounts.   The yearly fee will allow entry into
all shows held by TOPSA for that year, including the year-end
Championship show for qualified entries.   Images entered into TOPSA will
remain within the Webshots show account and be rolled over month to
month, so there will be no need to re-upload them.

2.   Payment can be made by PayPal or check or Money Order.  

PayPal Payments are to be sent to:

Payment by Snail Mail to be sent to:  
Betty Hook
41 Old Trail Rd
Liverpool, PA 17045

Please e-mail Betty Hook, TOPSA President, for more information:


1.   The TOPSA Show Series for 2008 will utilize SIX Webshots accounts.   

2.  Select the appropriate DIVISION depending on the size and make of your model: 

LARGE MODELS   (Larger than Little Bits or Pebbles) : 

    Halter  OF, Original Finish models, including OF China and OF Resins,
as issued, unaltered from the factory, will be shown as appropriate in 
Divisions A, B, C in the following Webshots accounts:
topsaof     for   DIV A  OF Breyer & Other Plastics (no Stones)
topsaof2   for   DIV B  OF Peter Stone     or
                        DIV C  OF Chinas/OF Resins.

    Halter CM, Custom models, which includes any OF models which 
have been re-sculpted, repainted, or altered in any manner, will be 
shown in Webshots account:
topsacm   for   DIV E  Customs.
    Halter AR, Artist Resins, will be shown in Webshots account:
topsaar    for   DIV F   Artist Resins.

    Performance OF  and  Performance CM/AR will be shown in
Webshots account: 
topsaperf  for  DIV D   OF Performance  (for any OF models)  and 
                        DIV G   CM & AR Performance (for customs and resins.)

MINI MODELS   (Little Bits, Pebbles and smaller) 

    MINI Halter  OF, Original Finish models, including OF China and OF Resins,
as issued, unaltered from the factory, will be shown  in 
Webshots account:
topsamini  for    DIV H   MINI Original Finish

    MINI Halter CM and Breed AR, Custom models, which includes any OF models which 
have been re-sculpted, repainted, or altered in any manner,   AND 
Artist Resins, will be shown in Webshots account:
topsamini    for   DIV I   MINI Customs & Artist Resins.

    MINI Performance  ALL MINI MODEL TYPES (OF, CM & AR) 
will be shown in MINI Performance in Webshots account: 
topsamini   for   DIV J    MINI Performance  

3.   No limit of entries per breed or color classes.

4.   Performance photos taken at live shows are welcome and there shall be
no discounting in judge's placings for leg tags or lack of background if entry
is a live show photo. 

5.   No limit of entries for performance 
EXCEPT for FUN CLASSES:  Liberty, Head Study and Scene
classes which will be a limit of 5 per class per entrant. 

6.  One entry per class per horse please. 
  EXCEPTION:  The Fun classes of 
Mare/Produce and Stallion/Get.    For Mare/Produce or Stallion/ Get
please have these be with different offspring.  All images must 
be different.   Please ADD the NUMBER 1 or 2 or 3, etc  to your 
HORSE'S name in the TITLE if you enter MORE THAN ONE 
entry depicting the same horse.   
        Example:  Joe1 -- XYZ -- 999,  Joe2 -- XYZ -- 999

7.  In Halter Divisions, each horse may be entered into 
only ONE breed class and ONE color class.

8.   In Performance Divisions, a Performance image may be entered into
ONLY ONE Performance class.   Each Performance entry of the same horse
must be a different picture.   No cross entries.

9.  In Other Western, Other English or Other Performance only one photo
per horse (so pick your best one!).

10.  Head Study classes are open to subject with or without headstall or
bridle.   No restrictions as to the composition of the Head Study portrait. 

11. Performance entries do not require a doll, and may be shown with or
without a doll.    
EXCEPT  for:
Western or English Equitation:   Requires a doll and arena setting. 
Showmanship:  Requires a Handler doll. 
12. For Performance classes, Mare/Produce and Stallion/Get, the 
entry shall include Mare/Produce or Stallion/Get photographed together.
However, the entry will be judged for the adult, so please use only
the name of the adult in your Title.  If you would like to include the 
name of the offspring or a comment about the offspring, please do so 
in the optional comment portion of your Description. 

13.  Tack is optional for:  FUN CLASSES. 

14.  Some performance classes require an OBSTACLE or JUMP.  Please 
see the performance classlist for specific class requirements. 


    Please consult the Breed Assignment List, Color Assignment 
List, and Color Pattern Guides FOR THE SPECIFIC DIVISION. 
    These lists are available in the files section of the Topsa Yahoo Group.   
    The lists will help you select the correct class.    
    Also, breed or color assignments 
for classes will be noted at the bottom of the Album/Class pages on Webshots. 
Look for the Breed Assignment Lists below the thumbnails.  

BE ENTERED.  If a breed is not on the list, or you are not sure 
where your color should be shown,  please ask Betty to indicate 
the proper class for it.     

1.   When a TOPSA show is open for entries, paid Entrants will be supplied with 
the password needed to gain access to the Webshots accounts.   The
password for the current show will be sent to entrants via a private email.    
The Entry Password for that show will work for all TOPSA accounts.
If you do not receive the password please contact Betty Hook at

2.   Entrants will be required to upload each of their own Entries into the
correct Webshots Account Album, for the correct Division and Class.   
3.  Entrants will also be required to identify each entry with 
the Required Title and Description as outlined below.       
    Incorrectly identified entries may be disqualified. 

4.   Images found to be entered into the wrong Division or Class will be
Disqualified, DQd, by the judge.   The judge will leave you a comment 
with information for correcting your entry for the next show. 

5.   If you notice any obviously incorrect entries by other participants, such
as those mislabeled, or in the wrong Album/Division/Class, please notify the
Show Moderator at   

>> Do not make any corrections to other entrants’ images yourself.  <<

****Please respect the rights of other Entrants and do not delete,
edit, move, copy, or alter the entries of others.   Any Entrant found
to be guilty of tampering with the images of other Entrants shall 
be banned from showing with TOPSA and their entries will be
removed from Webshots. ****

****No one (Entrants or Judges) shall make any changes to 
the Webshots accounts’ layout, Album/Class Titles, Class Breed
Assignment lists, Color Assignment lists, Show Rules Album, or 
TOPSA images without approval from Betty.  Anyone found to have 
made unapprovedchanges will be banned from showing with TOPSA.**** 


1.   Log into one of the TOPSA Webshots accounts at  
using the appropriate Webshots Account name:

topsaof         for Original Finish Halter Division A

topsaof2       for Original Finish Halter Divisions B or C      

topsacm       for Custom Halter Division E  

topsaar         for Artist Resin Halter Division  F

topsaperf     for OF or CM/AR Performance Divisions  D or G

topsamini      for MINI Halter and Performance Divisions  H or I or J 

and the Password for the specific show (will work for any account).

2.   When logged in, click on the dropdown tab for:  
“MY SHOTS“, and select  “Albums“.

There are two ways you may upload your Entries:  The Album
Method OR 
The Generic Method.  


3.   OPEN and ENTER the Album/Class into which you wish 
to enter your Entry. 

      Without clicking on the Title link, hold your cursor on the Title Link and
      wait for the Full Title to be revealed.         
            When you are INSIDE the Album/Class
      thumbnails for the contents of the Album/Class will appear.
      The Breed Assignment List or Color Assignment List 
      will be at the bottom of the page beneath the thumbnails. 

4.   When INSIDE the Album/Class:  
Click on “Upload More”.

      5.   THEN  step # 1: Select Pictures and Videos
       Click on "add files" 

6.   A File Manager Window will open. 
    Navigate to the .jpg image file which you have in
your computer.  
  You must know the location of the file in your computer in order 
to upload it. 

7.   Highlight the .jpg image file for your entry, then Click “Open”  
or  just double-click on your image file.   
The File Name for your Entry will pop into the
upload list.
If you wish to upload additional horses INTO THE SAME
ALBUM/CLASS, then browse and open more as desired.

8.   PLEASE IGNORE steps  #2 and #3 

9.  When you have indicated all you wish to enter INTO THAT SPECIFIC
Album/CLASS, then 
     #4  Click  “UPLOAD".

10.  You will then see a page entitled:   
     "Success   Now add Titles, captions and tags ! "

                      WARNING  !!!! 


11.  Beside the photograph of your ENTRY: 
each image file for:  Title and Caption. 


TITLE:   Your Horse’s name -- Your Initials -- Your Entrant #
(example:   Jingle Bell Rock -- XYZ -- 555 )

Please separate the parts of your Title by hyphens -- .   

Title will include only ONE horse’s name. 

Color/Breed/Gender:      Chestnut  British Riding Pony Gelding
Mold information:          Stone pony
Owner's Name or Stable Name:      Any One
Optional Comment:        Entrant is crossing bridge in Arena Trail Class.
Div and Class entered (only one):    Div D Class 14a  **
(Example:  Chestnut  British Riding Pony Gelding --  Stone Pony -- Any One --
Entrant is crossing bridge in Arena Trail Class. -- Div D Class 14a )
Please separate the parts of your description by commas or hyphens --.  
This will help the judges to read it.   


A Description should include ONLY ONE    DIV  and Class #.  

**Information about the DIV and Class is required because the judge 
may need to move your entry out of the class and into a special Judging 
Folder during the judging process.    When the show has been judged,
the moderator will need to be able to return your horse to the 
appropriate class.  

     12.  Make sure you have filled in the required information for 
EVERY ENTRY you just uploaded.

     13.  Then, 
Click on “VIEW ALBUM” to save your edits and 
see how your entry looks in the class. 

     14.  To enter a DIFFERENT CLASS: 
Click on “MY SHOTS” and navigate to a different Album/Class and repeat 
from step 3.


HOW TO EDIT  (if you realize that your Title or Description is inaccurate) :

1.   When logged in, click on the dropdown tab for:  
“MY SHOTS“, and select  “Albums“.

2.    OPEN and ENTER the Specific Album/Class containing your already
uploaded image file that you wish to edit.

3.   When INSIDE an Album/Class
Click on your Entry's thumbnail. 
A page showing your Entry, Entry Title, and Entry Description will open.

4.   Click on “Edit.” in the yellow area on the RIGHT. 
Make the desired changes to your Title or Description/Caption, 

5.   Then Click on “DONE.”

HOW TO MOVE:   (If you discover that your Entry 
is in the wrong Album/Division/Class)

1.   When logged in, click on the dropdown tab for:  
“MY SHOTS“, and select  “Albums“.

2.   OPEN and ENTER the Specific Album/Class containing your already
uploaded image file that you wish to move.   

3.  When INSIDE an Album/Class
Click on “Move.” in the yellow area on the RIGHT. 

4.   When the Move-Image Page opens,   activate the appropriate 
Check-box  to “Select”  the Entry you wish 
to move.   Do not interfere with the images of other entrants.

choose the Album/Division/Class  into which you wish to move your image,


7.   Then Click “ MOVE”.

8.    You MUST now CORRECT YOUR DESCRIPTION for your Entry 
and change the information about the Division and Class your Entry 
in now entered into.

9.   To Edit your Entry's information, follow the steps outlined above.

HOW TO DELETE :   (If you discover that you no longer wish to 
show your image,  or if you have sold the horse in your image.)

1.   When logged in, click on the dropdown tab for:  
“MY SHOTS“, and select  “Albums“.

2.   OPEN and ENTER the Specific Album/Class containing your already
uploaded image file that you wish to delete.   

3.   When INSIDE an Album/Class
Click on THE LITTLE  X   on  your Entry's thumbnail. 
The Little X is   ON  your thumbnail itself !  
IMPORTANT  WARNING !!!   Do not use the Delete option on the right of
the page --this will delete the entire album and contents.  

4.   When asked:  “Are you sure you wish to delete the photo ‘Jingle Bell
Rock -- XYZ -- 555’ ?      Click  “OK”    or  Click  “Cancel”  if you
made a mistake.  

5.  IF  you are permanently deleting an ENTRY in Halter,  PLEASE MAKE 

HOW TO REPLACE :   ( if you wish to replace your Entry with a 
different one.)
     The only way to replace an Entry is to first delete the image and then 
upload another and reenter your entry’s Required Information.  

1.   Follow the steps above TO DELETE  your Entry that you wish to

2.   Then follow the steps above for  ENTERING IMAGES INTO

If you lose track of which Album/Division/Class your horse is in
you can try to locate your Entry by entering you horse’s name into 
“search my albums“ ,  at the BOTTOM of the Album/Class page.  


Division A:  OF Breyer or Other Plastic Halter 
Division B:  OF Peter Stone Halter  
Division C:  OF Resins/Chinas  Halter       
Division D:  OF Performance  
Division E:  Customs Halter 
Division F:   Artist Resins  Halter 
Division G:  CM/AR  Performance  
Division H:  MINI OF Halter 
Division I:   MINI  Customs & Artist Resins Halter 
Division J:   MINI Performance  (OF, CM & AR) 

For Division Classlists please see the Division Links on the TOPSA
website, or find Printable copies of the individual Divisions or 
complete Classlists in the files section of the TOPSA Yahoo Group.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send to:     
Please use the word TOPSA in the email subject line. 
Or post a message on the TOPSA Yahoo Group.


Entry Window     1st of month to end of month 
Password emailed out on the 1st of the month 

Check Gate    From 26th Until Last Day of the Month 
Password will be changed for judging on the last day of the month 

(Entries may be entered or edited for the entire month.) 

Judging               First 2 weeks of the following Month (except for
   year-end Championship Show, see below)
         Days 1-14 results due by the 15th. 

Results Posted in Files Section of TOPSA Yahoo Group:
                              3rd week of the following Month 

Results Viewable on Webshots (but not interactive) 
                             3rd and 4th weeks of the following month.

When a Division has been judged: 
Entries will be in their judged order within each Album/Class,
with placements 1 - 10 before the Album/Class Title Image. 

Please make note of any DQd entries (which will be last in the class 
after the TOPSA Gate image) so that you may correct them when the 
next show opens.    Your DQd Entry will have a comment left for you 
by the judge.  Open your Entry and look for the comment at the bottom 
of the information page for your entry.   (When you have corrected your
entry for the next show, you may delete the comment. )

To view results on Webshots use these links:

JANUARY 1- 25   Show Entry
JANUARY 26-30 Check Gate   (Closed last day of the month)
FEBRUARY  1-14  Judging
FEBRUARY  15   Results Due
FEBRUARY  16-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots

MARCH 1- 25   Show Entry
MARCH 26-31   Check Gate   (Closed last day of the month)
APRIL  1-14  Judging
APRIL   15   Results Due
APRIL   16-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots

      MAY SHOW
MAY 1- 25   Show Entry
MAY  26-31   Check Gate   (Closed last day of the month)
JUNE  1-14  Judging
JUNE    15   Results Due
JUNE    16-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots

JULY   1- 25   Show Entry
JULY   26-31   Check Gate   (Closed last day of the month)
AUGUST  1-14  Judging
AUGUST  15   Results Due
AUGUST   16-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots
SEPTEMBER   1- 25   Show Entry
SEPTEMBER  26-30   Check Gate   (Closed last day of the month)
OCTOBER  1-14  Judging
OCTOBER  15   Results Due
OCTOBER   16-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots

     YEAR END CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW (for qualified horses)  
NOVEMBER  1-14   Qualified horses selected
NOVEMBER  15-21 Check Gate  for corrections to qualified horses only
   if you see any errors, please email for the password
NOVEMBER  22 -  DECEMBER  7    Judging
DECEMBER   8  Results Due
DECEMBER   9-end of month   Results Viewable on Webshots