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Your photo MUST be pre-sized already to 400x400 or less (most of
mine end up 400x350 or whatever or 380x400 etc – regardless the
largest EITHER side can be is 400!). 

Pull up the link to the Division you want to upload into.
Let’s use TOPSA OF Breyer/Other Plastics Division A as our example.

In the upper right corner you will see two white rectangles:

Member Name and Password – and a little “button” to the right of
those that says Log In

  In Member Name you type in topsaof (each link will have it’s own
Member name which I have noted at the bottom of this “lesson”),
and your password that you will get from Betty each month when
you are allowed to upload.  Once you type those in, click on the
Log In button. It will say something like “Welcome topsaof”
after you do this if you typed in the correct information and
that is how you know you are signed in.  Find the ALBUM you want to upload into.
Let’s say you have a QH Stallion, click on Album Class 1a.
When you do, that album will come up with the Thumbnails in it (12 to a page)
and a little "button" will appear on the upper left IN the album that says "upload more".
Click on that.
Another window opens up and there is a green button that says Add Files.
Click on that and it will pull up a mini Browser to find your photo on your computer.
Find your photo on your computer, click on it and
hit OPEN on that little browser window.
You will see your jpg name come up in the box above the Add files button.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see another Green Button that
says "upload".  Click on that.  When the photo loads,
it doesn't go right to the album.  It gives you a
chance to type in Title and Content.
In the title you will put the horses name, followed by a space, two dashes, a space,
your initials, a space, two dashes, a space and your number assigned to you by Betty.
For example, if he were mine it would say:  Silver Wonder -- JFW -- 004 in the title.

  Then, in the content you will put the required info:  Color and
Pattern (if any), Breed, Gender, Type (OF, CM, Repaint), Make,
Mold and or Model, your name, and the Division and Class. 
So, if he were mine, I would type in the content area:
Bay QH Stallion, OF Breyer #976 Stud Spider Mold, Janice Williford, Division A Class 1A
For Performance photos, you would also type in the Performance discription in this area.

Then, scroll down and there are TWO buttons; the left one says View
Album and the right one says Upload More.  Click on the View
Album and it will take you back to the album, and he should show up
there on the LAST page as the last photo in the album.
You can click on his picture and check that everything IS correct.
IF NOT: There is a yellow box to the right of the album, find EDIT which is currently
in the second column and has a little pencil icon next to it.
Click on that. It will pull up your photo and the Title and Content
can then be accessed and correct whatever you need to correct.
Click DONE when you have finished, and it should go
back to your photo with the corrections made.

At this point, you can then open a SECOND window (I do this just so
I can be sure my information in BOTH classes is the same), and
find the color class he will go in by clicking on MY SHOTS which is in
the White Title Bar that runs along the top of the page on the left hand side next to HOME.
This always takes you back to the first page of albums.
Most of the color classes will be on page 2 - the pages
are the numbers in RED on the right hand side below all the blue tabs that say Albums,
Profile, People etc- and in my examples case is Class 39A Bay Stallion.
I will click on my correct Color Album and follow the same directions
to upload as I did above.
IN THE TITLE AND CONTENT before you go to upload the next horse.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email the group.
Remember, try the walk through before you decide it is too difficult!!!
It is really easy once you get the hang of it!
Below are all the links with the Member names below each one.

HINT FOR SPEED: If you feel like saving some typing and know how to
copy and paste: What I do to save some typing after I upload my
horse in his breed class, I will pull up his photo and leave it open
in the first window, upload him in the Color Class in the second window,
and I just copy and paste the Title and the Content from the Breed photo into the new
Title and Content in the Color photo!  Make sense? 
That way I don't have to type it twice, and I just have to change the
CLASS NUMBER in the color album. 
Don’t forget, your horse will always be the last one in the album when you upload.
Division A OF Breyer/Other Plastics Classics, Traditionals and larger Member name: topsaof
Division B OF Peter Stone Classics and Traditionals,
Division C OF China/OF Resins Classic and Traditional or larger Member Name: topsaof2
Division D OF Performance Classic, Traditional and Larger AND
Division G Custom/Artist Resin Performance Classic, Traditional and Larger Member Name: topsaperf
Division E Custom Classic, Traditional or Larger Member Name: topsacm
Division F AR Artist Resins Classic, Traditional or Larger Member Name: topsaar
Division H OF Mini – Pebbles/Little Bits and SMALLER ALL OF types,
Division I - Custom/Artist Resin Mini Pebbles/Little Bits and SMALLER,
Division J Mini Performance – Pebbles Little Bits
and SMALLER ALL types – OF, CM, AR Member Name: topsamini